Storm Damage Repairs - Who's Responsible?

Important information about storm damage & responsibility for repairs:

When storm damage occurs to the electrical supply attached to your house, Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) may not be able to reconnect the power until you have necessary repairs made by a licensed electrical contractor.

In some cases, you may have not even lost power, but repairs to maintain a safe connection may be required. Additionally, in some rare cases, temporary repairs may be permitted by the Electrical Safety Authority to allow immediate restoration; however permanent repairs will be required in a timely manner. We witnessed this situation during the ice storm of 2013, as a result of the significant damage done by the freezing rain.

In a typical residential installation, the homeowner’s responsibility begins where the wires attach to the house.

Overhead Attachment to Service Mast:

In an overhead installation where the wires come from the road and attach to a service mast, the homeowner is responsible from the top of the service mast into the home’s electrical panel. In the example shown here Alectra Utilities is responsible for the wires coming from the road to the service mast and the meter. The homeowner is responsible for the service mast, the wires from the top of the mast into the meter base, the meter base itself as well as the wires running from the meter base into the electrical panel within the home.

Underground Attachment to Meter Base:

In a typical underground installation, Alectra Utilities is responsible for the wires running underground to the meter base from the transformer on the public easement and for the meter. The homeowner is responsible for the meter base and the wires running from the meter base into the home and into the panel.

Report Outages & Unsafe Conditions:

When storm damage is present and repairs are required, the homeowner should report the outage or unsafe electrical condition to Alectra Utilities by calling our main number at 1-877-963-6900 and utilizing our Outage Management System.

Repairs by a Licensed Electrical Contractor:

If necessary Alectra Utilities will respond to safely isolate your connection at the road to allow a licensed electrical contractor to perform the repairs. Licensed electrical contractors can be found on the Electrical Safety Authority website here:

It is recommended that you write down two or three electrician telephone numbers and keep them in your emergency contacts so you are not searching during a storm.

Being prepared will start you off on the correct path to having your electrical service back up and running in a safe manner.

Electrical Service Attachments - Overhead and Underground

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