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Would you like to receive email notifications and restoration updates for power outages in your neighbourhood?

It's easy to sign up, simply create an online account login and select "Yes" for Power Outage Notifications during the registration process.
Power Outage Notifications - Yes
Already enrolled in My Account?

1. Log into My Account.

2. Click on the My Profile tab, then the Outage Notifications tab.
My Outage Notifications

3. Click the Enabled button beside the account(s) for which you would like to receive outage notifications.

4. Add additional email addresses to your outage notifications list by entering them in the space provided separated by commas:

5. Click the Update My Outage Notifications button.
Outage Notification Details

How Power Outage Notifications Work

When a power outage affects your service location(s), an email notification with restoration updates will be sent to the email address(es) listed under My Profile in your online account. Power restoration details include line crew status, estimated time for restoration (ETR) and cause, if known. Email notifications are typically issued within 30 minutes of an outage being reported.

To unsubscribe from this service and stop receiving Power Outage Notifications, simply click the “Off” button beside the account number(s) and click the "Update My Outage Notifications" button.

Severe Storms or Emergency Events

During severe storms or emergency events the outage notifications service may be temporarily suspended while System Control and lines staff are assessing damage to the Alectra Utilities electricity distribution system. As the extent of damage is determined, emailed outage notifications may provide initial ETRs of approximately 24 - 48 hours (one to two days) or greater than 48 hours (more than two days).

Power outage information is also available to customers via our Power Outage Map or by calling 1-877-963-6900. Follow us on Twitter for outage updates as well.